Thursday, December 30, 2010

A new bloggy home after long absence

Due to some crazy operator errors I have to change my bloggy home. From now on you can find the Aspirant Scribbler at Leaping Leprachauns

Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 9, 2010

2 yrs today

It is 11:51 PM. Two years ago today I was waiting for the epidural to wear off so I could take a shower and get in my room. Then they would bring me back my perfect baby girl who was all of two hours old.

Flash forward to the present and that same little girl is asleep snuggled up to her Daddy. Tomorrow we are having a McDonald's birthday party because this Mom thinks it is great that I can pay $80 bucks for someone else to do all the work. Happy Birthday precious girl!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hi! I like you.

My son is now four years old. I have noticed over the last few months that anytime I introduce him to some one new he tells them, "Hi! I like you!" Remember the age when everyone was your friends simply because you had no reason to doubt them? I miss that innocence of childhood. I have to admit that I am still way over friendly. J complains that I will talk to any one for hours about nothing. It is a gift my Mother taught me.

My daughter, who will be two on Friday, is not so open to strangers. She likes her space free of extra bodies. Mostly so she has more room to dance. She is a rump shaker. We are trying to break her of her Lady Gaga addiction. She has an obsession with her. I see many recitals in my future. I danced when I was a teenager. Not well but I managed to keep up. My tiny dancer has more talent at 2 than I did at 14. It is a hard thing to admit but I will survive.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Florida Python

Up late one night I see a program called Monster Quest on the History Channel. The subject for this weeks episode is giant snakes in America. Here is what the guide said about it: A deadly, slithering menace is taking over Florida and may be heading north. For more than 100 years, giant pythons have been discovered in parts of the Sunshine State, but since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, their territory has rapidly spread. Now, MonsterQuest searches for incursions in the outskirts of Miami, a population hot spot that is just moments from schools and homes. The team investigates whether pythons could hybridize and adapt, enabling them to threaten every state in the US.

By the end of the program the answer is clear that yes pythons are doing a booming business. They caught one that was 20 feet long! Several scientist give their two cents worth but the one I just loved was the guy who said snakes are not aggressive. I agree (sort of) that snakes are not lurking out in the grass waiting to eat human passersby. You cannot argue that bigger snakes need bigger prey. What does a 20 ft python eat? The real question is what does a 20 ft Python NOT eat. It was really an interesting show and I learned a lot. Mostly why I won't be moving to Florida.

If you are interested you can watch it on Saturday, February 06 03:00 PM on the History Channel.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Trio of Terror & Feline Fire Safety 101

Pickles stuck her tail in the candle. Instead of delicious iced snow berries scent I had burnt cat hair. Yum. She sleeps on my pillow so I got to smell her all night. I am thankful her tail is fine minus a few singed hair. I am not thankful my pillow smells like smoking cat. Poor pickles complains about everything when she is happy. A smoldering tail just made her whole week.

A little something extra...

The Trio of Terror( or my cats) according to the Lucky Irish Gal Dictionary

Clio \KLEE-oh\ noun: Large, yellow female cat who thinks the world revolves around her. Will most likely make any person in her immediate vicinity pet her.

Pickles \my DD says it is PEEK-os\ noun: Blubberous, gray female with loud, opinionated nature. Will protest anything.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree trimming and crying kids

J and I video chatted while he was at 35,000 feet above the ground. Pretty neat. It finally set in for R that daddy was gone for a while. He told his dad he wanted to be on the plane with him and then dissolved into tears. If he had the power J would have turned the plane around right then. L has been a tiny bear all day. She had cried and whined from sun up to sun down. Over all a fantastic day with two little babies that miss having Daddy home.

I did get all the christmas lights put up outside. The tree is up and decorated. Pretty good progress considering the obstacles I had to overcome to get it done.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little quality time with the kiddos.

My DH is off to DC tomorrow morning and won't return until late Thursday evening. Mom has surgery on Tuesday. She will get to come home sometime Thursday as well. That leaves me and the kids at home together for a little forced bonding. It also means that Mom and J will come home to a slightly less sane me than they left behind. It just figures that the week J is gonna be gone would be the same week Mom has her surgery. We are having an out of funds experience right now so I cannot do much with the kids outside of the house. Well I could but I kind of think paying the mortgage is more important than a trip to McDonald's. Call me crazy.

After watching UP my 4 y/o son made Inigo his very own "cone of shame". Isn't he thoughtful?